Water + Electrical = GFCI Outlets

Ever wonder what those little buttons on your outlet mean? GFCI outlets (or GFI in common parlance) are required by the National Electric Code in all new kitchens, bathrooms, crawl spaces, unfinished basements, and most outdoor receptacles. A GFCI outlet monitors for a current imbalance between the hot and neutral wires and breaks the circuit if necessary. A circuit breaker may or may not trip if you receive a shock, but it will not trip fast enough to protect you from harm. A GFCI outlet is more sensitive and acts faster than a circuit breaker or fuse and is more likely to protect you from a deadly shock and is thus an important safety feature. If you have outlets that can come into contact with water (like outdoor outlets, bathroom outlets, or kitchen outlets) make sure they have a functioning GFCI outlet. It is not worth the risk! This is just one small, but vital way A&D Inc. can help you have peace of mind. Our team of licensed, certified electricians are here to help! Contact us for a free estimate.

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