Beware Space Heaters

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It seems winter has finally decided to visit the mid-Atlantic, but for much of the country it has already been a rather harsh winter. It made us think about the use of space heaters in the home. Many people think that because they are small, they are relatively harmless, but what you may not realize is that even a basic space heater can pull as much power as a refrigerator! Don’t be surprised if you end up overloading the circuit with a space heater. When this happens, you can permanently damage the wires in your wall because they get too hot trying to run the heater.

This has the potential to cause an electrical fire. If your outlet becomes warm to the touch, cease using it immediately!

Some might say to just avoid space heaters altogether, but there are two simple solutions to prevent the potential for danger – have a dedicated circuit for the space heaters or make sure they aren’t plugged into a circuit that is already close to being tapped out.

At A&D Inc. we can help you there! Our family-owned business has been helping residents like you avoid potentially costly and dangerous electrical issues for decades. Don’t wait until it is too late, contact us for an electrical diagnostic.

For a comprehensive review of some good space heaters, visit The Best Space Heater – they include notes related to safety like automatic shut-off features (a good tip for keeping electrical costs down and preventing accidental fires!).

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