Why You Should Choose a Licensed, Insured Electrician

licensed and insured electricians

  We know how tempting it is to hire a non-professional off Thumbtack or Craigslist to do your electrical work for half the cost, but consider this: our number one source of income is fixing bad electrical work done by unlicensed, uninsured “electricians.” You might think you’re saving money by hiring a non-professional, but in the end you will probably spend even more than if you had hired a professional electrical company in the first place.

What is the benefit of hiring a licensed electrician? To become licensed, an electrician must meet certain qualification standards – essentially they must have a combination of years of experience working for another licensed electrician and education. More importantly for you, their reputation (and license) is at stake when they do work for you, meaning they have to deliver you a quality product. Finally, only licensed electricians can pull permits from your municipality to do new construction.

   Separate, but related to this issue of license, is insurance. What is the benefit to you of hiring an insured electrician? Accidents happen. Existing wires might be mislabeled. Testing equipment might be faulty. Even electricians with years of experience and Master’s qualifications are only human. What you don’t want to have happen is an accident that literally zaps all the electronics in your living room only to find out that your hired “electrician” doesn’t have insurance to cover the damage.

   Play it safe – hire a licensed, insured electrician to do the work. Do some research, get multiple quotes, ask your friend who had similar work done to see what a fair price looks like, but resist the pull of the deeply discounted “electrician.” Instead, hire a small, family-owned business like ours! We are licensed and insured, but competitively priced because we are smaller than the competition. Smaller business = less overhead = more savings for you! Contact us today for a service call or a free project estimate.

2 responses to “Why You Should Choose a Licensed, Insured Electrician”

  1. My wife and I need to hire an electrician to help us wire some new lights in our basement. I like your point about making sure they are licensed and insured first. I’ll be sure to verify this so I’m not responsible for any injuries or accidents.


  2. I found it interesting how you mentioned how licensed electricians are insured for any accident that can happen to them or other workers. My wife and I are in the process of building our new home and we want to make sure everyone involved is safe so we don’t have to go through a lawsuit and spend more money. Because electricity makes us nervous, I will keep this in mind as we search for an electrician near us who is licensed and insured!


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