home generators

Weather a Power Outage in Style – Install a Generator

We don’t know how your home fared in the most recent windstorm, but ours took a beating! Luckily we made it through thanks to our trusty backup generator. While you might think that generators are just for commercial and government buildings, you can actually install a generator for your own home to keep your household running smoothly through a power outage event. It is easy enough to buy a generator for yourself and even plug appliances into it for use, but what if you could have it connected to your home’s electrical panel? We can help you there! Take full advantage of your generator and let it power your panel so your life can go on as usual until power is restored to your area. A and D Inc. has served the Northern Virginia area for 40 years, and we’d love to help you ride out the next power outage in comfort. Contact us today for a free project estimate!

It’s Storm Season … Are you ready?


Did you know that summer storms can have dire consequences to your electronics? A lightening storm can overload your circuit and damage any connected electronic device costing you thousands of dollars for replacements and repairs. A surge protector installed on your electrical panel can save your electronics, but these are not required by current electrical code, so many houses are left unprotected. This is just one small, but vital way A&D Inc. can help you have peace of mind. Our team of licensed, certified electricians have served the Northern Virginia area for 40 years. Protect your appliances and electronics today! Contact us for a free estimate.